Okay, lets be honest, no one likes to be bested especially fisherman. if you ever have sat around chewing the fat with other fisherman you know what I am talking about. Most of the stories get taller and taller about the large slab “that got away” as the conversation goes on. Well we would like to share some of our crappie catching secrets and maybe you will catch a real “giant slab” to show your buddies so read on.

You will find crappie catching secrets here that may seem like common sense but they go back generations of family tradition. Even if you are a experienced or just sometimes fisherman these tips will work for you.

First, What’s in your crappie fishing tackle box?

The first part of our crappie fishing secrets article series will focus on what you have in your tackle box and what we recommend you should have. You should have a spare spinning reel one that holds 4 to 8lb test mono-filament line. As a rule of thumb, a good all purpose reel would have a 4-4.5:1 gear ratio. This is a medium speed reel. Always ensure that the reel that you are thinking about purchasing has a smooth, non-constrictive drap. The line should pull out steadily and without hesitation at whichever tightness you set it at. Having the correct reel is very important if you want to catch crappie consistently.

Make sure you have a light weight crappie fishing rod. There are many crappie fishing rods out on the market that are perfectly good choices, I only recommend one rod and that is the Ultimate by B’n’M it is built to be a casting, flipping or jig rod for walleye, bass or crappie or use it to rig for live bait or jigging. With a strong backbone and superior tip action, these tough rods have Portuguese cork handles and one-footed aluminum oxide spinning guides for superior casting ability. They come in two lengths, 8ft and 10ft More length is better so get the 10ft rod if your thinking of buying. It is very important that you don’t pass this crappie fishing secret up.

You should have at least 25 size 4 aberdeen or mustad gold hooks in your tackle box. These hooks are commonly called “perch hooks”.

I recommend you have at least (5) pre-assembled crappie fishing rigs that have a double hook set in your tackle box.t is very important that you check with your states fishing regulations to make sure a double hook set is legal in your state before you consider using this crappie catching tip. To make a double hook set, slide a second hook over the barb of you crappie jig. This considered a double hook set.

Bobbers, big enough for the rigs , but not so big you can’t feel the crappie biting. A bobber I would recommend is Bass proshops best seller, “Mr crappie rattling pair” they come in three sizes 3/4″, 1″ and 1 1/4″

Well, that ends the first part of of our crappie fishing secret series, we wish you a good and lots of luck on your next crappie fishing outing.

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Image of the Oakdale Dam taken on February 1, 2009. Oakdale Dam makes Lake Freeman.

Oakdale Dam on Feb 1 2009

Oakdale Dam on Feb 1 2009

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Lake Freeman’s Size

Lake Freeman is roughly 1,500 acres (6 km²) in area and has a shoreline of 50 miles (80 km). Depths vary from 7 feet (2 m) to 45 feet (15 m) at the Oakdale Dam.

Lake Freeman is located just south of Monticello Indiana.

Lake Freeman is a man-made lake outside of Monticello, Indiana formed in 1925 by the completion of the Oakdale Dam. Construction of the Oakdale Dam began in 1923 and was completed in 1925, daming the waters of the Tippecanoe River.

Lake Freeman, together with its sister lake, Lake Shafer is part of the Twin Lakes region, a popular summer recreational area centered around the town of Monticello, Indiana.

Compared to the more commercial lake, Lake Shafer, Lake Freeman remains more privatized and residential. Lake Freeman, is however, home of the Madam Carroll, a pleasure excursion vessel, 36 feet (5.5 m) in width and 135 feet (41/5) in length.